Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Hang Paper Illusions Wallpaper

PaperIllusion is the easy way to faux finish. This is a new and unique way to decorate your home.

Each design is first created by an artist and then printed on special prepasted, breathable paper to re-create the original, hand-painted look.

Due to the nature of the paper and the design, there may be slight color variations from one roll to the next. This is inherent to PaperIllusion and only enhances the beauty of the end result.

Remove existing wallpaper. Walls must be smooth, clean, and free of mildew, grease and stain. Follow with an application of wallcovering primer/sealer.

Gather Tools

Smoothing tool, sponge, trim knife, water tray or bucket.

85 square feet of PaperIllusion covers an 8' x 9' wall.
  • Multiply length by height of each wall and add together
  • Deduct for doors and windows to determine size of area to be covered
Now the fun begins with 3 Easy Steps!

Begin by tearing paper randomly into irregular shapes. Tear larger peices first (approximately 8" x 12"), then smaller pieces as needed.

Start with straight-edge pieces.
These shapes should be used along edges, ceiling lines, baseboards, doors and windows, to minimize trimming required.

Dip pieces of paper into warm water
and make sure the entire pasted side is wet. Allow excess water to drip off into the water trays or bucket.

Apply to your primed wall or ceiling
. Use your smoothing tool to remove excess water and wipe with a slightly moistened sponge. Place the second piece with its edges slightly overlapping the first piece, smooth and sponge firmly. Any remaining bubbles will disappear as the piece dries tight to the wall.

It's that easy!
  • Corners--when applying pieces in corners, gently press your smoothing tool into the corner to mold the paper to the corner.
  • Trimming--to complete your project, use the smoothing tool and trim knife to trim around doorframes, windowsills, light switches, vanities, counter tops or even the pipes in your bathroom, as needed.
  • Left over pieces--cover waste baskets, picture frames, lampshades, switchplate covers, etc to create a coordinated decor look.
Remember with Paper Illusion wallpaper it is easy to start and stop--clean-up is a breeze--and you can do as much or little as you like each time without having the entire room in disarray.

Easy to remove. Moisten with warm water repeating until pieces peel off.

Reprinted from instructions included with packaging of PaperIllusion product by Village.