Sunday, May 13, 2007

We've moved!

I know this blog has only been "open" for about a month, but we have already moved to a new domain:

Why the move? For many reasons, but the number one reason is to be able to offer you more...more pictures, more content, and easier navigation (easier to find what you're looking for).

Anyway, if you like what you've read here, then hop on over to our new location and Discover all that can be done with PaperIllusion!

See ya over there. ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

New Look for Paper Illusions Product Page

Ahh, I can breathe a sigh of relief. After many, many hours I finally finished upgrading the Paper Illusions product page at Wallpaper Illusions. For so long we had pictures of the patterns listed there but they were so tiny and for some reason the last time the page was upgraded (when we switched over to a new shopping cart), the pictures stopped being clickable...meaning you couldn't "click to enlarge". What a pain for those trying to get a good look at the color, huh.

Anyway, now you can click on each picture and see a bigger picture AND in many cases, a room shot of that particular pattern/color being used on a wall (or some other surface). Let me tell you, what a difference! It's so nice to see the colors in a real life situation, rather than little squares on a page. (click here to see an example)

Also, we've combined all the products into one place for each color. You pick the color you want, click "for more details" and boom, you have a selection of ordering a box, a case (at an additional savings), a mini-roll, an individual sample, or a complete sample pack (large or small) all right there. No need to click around to a bunch of different pages.

AND...phew, I've been busy, we've tacked on a Paper Illusions photo gallery at the bottom of the page as well (not as exhaustive as the one at Paper It Fun!). If you like one of the pictures, you click on it and it takes you to a blow-up of that same picture with a picture of the color used as well and the opportunity to purchase any of the products available in that color right there. How cool is that?

Really, how cool is that? I want to hear from you. I think it's great, but I'm the one who designed it (duh), so of course I'm a bit biased. But I would genuinely like to have your feedback. Check it out and then click on the "comments" link below and share away!

Turning Trash into Treasures with Paper Illusions!

I'm excited to report we have added more pictures to our Paper Illusions Photo Gallery. A special thank you to Ginette for sharing them with me.

I had just finished updating the main product page at Wallpaper Illusions (which I'll tell you more about later), and I was reading through my email and got this wonderful testimonial from Ginette.

I discovered Paper Illusions about 3 years ago. I did both bathrooms in my condo with beautiful results. Having moved into a new house last year, I once again turned to Paper Illusions for my decorating needs...
You can read more in the Photo Gallery, but what excited me so much was that she shared pictures of accessories she had done. I posted a project sheet on Turning Trash into Treasures just about a week or so ago, and while her accessories were far from trash, she had gotten creative and used the Paper Illusions to transform ordinary items into coordinating items to match her room's decor. Kudos!

Let me encourage you to:
  1. Pop on over to the gallery and see what she did
  2. Grab a copy of the project sheet, Turning Trash into Treasures
  3. Take out some of your leftover Paper Illusions from your last project -or- Pick up a Mini-Roll at Wallpaper Illusions and let your creative juices flow!
It's so easy, you'll be amazed. And you'll truly have a treasure to proudly display as a result. Enjoy!

As always, have fun papering it!


P.S. If you've already created some treasures, please tell me about them below...AND if you have pictures and would like to have them showcased in our photo gallery, please do share! ;)