Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Discussion Forum being upgraded...

For a few months now I've been in a quandry as to what to do with our discussion forum. We were getting hit with so much SPAM that it was miserable trying to stay on top of it. Eventually I had to practically shut it down. I left it up for people to read because there's some great content in there, but I had to block everyone from posting. Of course, this put a HUGE damper on our community.

Well, a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I could upgrade it. After all, it's been out there for several years and I know there were newer versions available. But, given the circumstances in my life I wasn't ready to try and figure out how to do it yet.

Then...last night, I had the bright idea of contacting customer support at phpbb for help, and lo and behold they helped me! I've had such bad luck with customer support staff on other web applications, I just expected to get the same kind of run around. But nope, a gentleman in the UK set me straight.

So, I'm working on upgrading the discussion forum at this time. There'll be some quirky things happening, but bear with me, I'll get it smooth going soon enough. I'm committed to see it through!

Some of the improved features include:
  • Private Messaging
  • Registration Process
  • Search Capabilities
But what I'm really excited about are these NEW features:
  • Attachments: Users can post attachments (photos) themselves
  • Reports: Users can report spammers!
  • Mail/Print topics: Users can easily mail or print project instructions and other detailed posts
  • Forum Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to forum categories...when a new project is posted, registered users can be contacted automatically.
  • and more...
I'll keep you posted when the upgraded version is completely installed, and we'll celebrate!


Kelly B. said...

You are the best!!I love the new features. I can't wait to see what others have been up to using Paper Illusions. I am currently working on my dinning room.Even though it is not yet done, I have 2 friends that ran out and bought Paper Illusions for their homes just from seeing the amazing difference it has made on my walls.

Carrie said...

Thanks Kelly,
I look forward to having it up and running again soon.
I tell you, it takes seeing to believing...no matter how many times I say how EASY it is to use this paper and how dramatic the results, people just have to experience the transformation for themselves sometimes...or know someone personally who has used it. Good luck with finishing up your dining room, and I hope to see a picture or two of your end result.